Shipping policy

Why Shipping Costs Extra

1) We Want to Get Your Packages to You ASAP

We strive to make our shipping times as accurate as possible to ensure that you receive your package(s) in a timely manner. Many of our customers buy products for time sensitive holidays or events and need to get their orders in as quickly as possible. To meet this demand, we send out packages ASAP, without bundling multiple orders together. By shipping individually, we can process and send out orders faster than scanning for others shipping to the same address.

2) We Have Multiple Shipping Locations

We use a variety of trusted vendors across the U.S. and Europe. Due to this, sometimes there may be an order with multiple items that get produced in separate locations. This means that each product is shipped individually to you, resulting in a higher shipping fee.

4) Our Shipping Costs Are Lower Than Our Competitors’

Because of our already-low base costs, paying a little extra for shipping still rounds out at significantly lower than our competitors’. Still confused?